What I Do

As a communications manager, senior copywriter & content creator, I’ve to built an 11 year career in managing external and internal communications, digital content creation, content marketing, copywriting and social media strategy with an expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Most of my work portfolio reflects a focus on mission based organizations, non-profits, social activism, humanitarian, social impact, and advocacy issues targeting a wide range of audiences and demographics.

Topics I have covered include but are not limited to community engagement and impact, local politics, racial justice, prison reform, environmental, mental health, education, wellness, substance abuse, and local news.
My investigative journalism and sociological background informs my creative process. It brings a scientific and evidence based aspect of how I approach my work, influences how I assess and analyze data, and impacts how I approach research and create content.

My greatest passions are creating captivating content, staying current on viral trends, wordsmithing, and enhancing my client's digital footprint. I am a natural problem solver with a strong foothold in writing digital content in alignment with a brand's identity and thought leadership. I develop and execute social content strategies that drive brand awareness and audience growth, establish community, increase engagement, supports marketing goals, and amplifies organic and paid marketing initiatives across local, national, and international demographics.

This Portfolio Contains the following examples of copywriting and content creation:

White Paper

Content Marketing



Thought Leadership



Voice Over

Direct Mail/Email



Social Media